Shanghai Huayi Plastics Auxiliary Cooperation Company
Name:Shanghai Huayi Plastics Auxiliary Cooperation Company
About Us
Our company comprises six units, Shanghai Plastic Auxiliary Manufacture, Oriental Chemical Manufacture, Zhonghua Chemical Manufacture, Oriental Lead Oxide Manufacture, Donglian Chemical Manufacture, Oriental Chemicals Sales Office according to the rules set up by both the Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Huayi Group. In order to be more adaptable to the market change, Shanghai Huayi Plastics Auxiliary Cooperation Company was restructured in 2006 once again so as to be one group-type company.its production line of our main chemicals was moved to yangzhou, jiangsu province, where we set up one company called Jiangsu Huayi Plastics Technical Co.,LTD. Now its sales and R&D center locates at Shanghai Baoshan distinct Gu village industry zone. Shanghai Huayi Chemical Auxiliary Co.,LTD is now fully responsible to handle all the sales of this group-type company. ★ his new company will be working with our customers hand-in-hand so as to make joint efforts for our bright futures. ★ This new company is one entity where we are offering products with high quality, excellent customer service and very competitive price. ★ This new company is putting advantages of the original enterprises’ altogether and is showing its flexibility in its organization system, its dealing with concrete matters relating to its work as well as the suitability of its products and its customer service. ★ Auxiliaries we’re making recently are: stabilizers for PVC, plastifiers, lubricants, modifiers for processing, fortifiers, color dispersants, plastic lubricants, aperture agents, lubricant additives, composite lubricants used in high temperature, chain transferers for olefins, conditioners for molecular weight, dust prevention agents for dyestuffs use and etc. Uses of our products are covering a wide range in real application. The Triangle Brand methyl salicylate of our company has awarded for many times the prize of Shanghai superior quality export products。We practice the BP 1998 standards in export and the standards of the Ministry of Hygiene in domestic trade。The triangle Brand methyl salicylate is highly reputed in the domestic fragrance,essence,toothpaste,sanitary materials industries and textile dyeing industry。It has been the traditional export product in Shanghai。It is also reputed in Hong Kong,South-eastern Asia,European and American markets。 PE-Wax, PP-Wax,OxyPE, Butyl Stearate, Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBS), Oleamide, Erucamide developed rapidly together with the abrupt rising of PVC plastics industry,they are widely used in PVC shaped materials,pipes,plates, paints,inks and coatings。It is recognized by wide customers and the market share is continuously enlarging。Because the quality is being raised,it is possible for many domestic enterprises to use them as substitutes for importing products of the same kind。
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